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Rhizome Navigation

Live Tech Preview

Please be patient while RhNav loads for the first time, it may have to download and cache several files for initial startup.

Don't be afraid of the popup window which asks for permission to access your computer. Unfortunately this is (for now) the only possibility to enable hardware OpenGL acceleration within a Java Applet.

Please keep in mind that this tech preview is in an early stage and it's non-interactive for now. However, the graph is three dimensional and you may rotate it while dragging the mouse. We will add capabilities to navigate the graph soon.

Launch RhNav - Rhizome Navigation
Standard / OpenGL Accelerated

Beware, it's still an early release, your browser might crash.
The standard version should be quite stable, however, the OpenGL version is capable of displaying more complex graphs with better performance. Both versions have to cache between 1-2 Mbytes of data.

Further Information
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If you want to find out how RhNav - Rhizome Navigation might be useful to you have no fear and contact me directly via email. The possibilities are endless.

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