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post traumatic growth

Wondering how the concept of post-traumatic growth relates to tribal initiation rituals. Found no connection in the literature. Seems research is focusing on 'real' traumata.

I like the idea that initiation rites might be an attempt to formalize the 'benefits' of post-traumatic growth.

google reader

Google Reader's Takeout data export function works like if Dropbox decided to shut down and generously let me export a list of my filenames instead of the actual files.

yoga facepalm

Swami Satyananda's facepalm tutorial (1969)


"Without prejudice, however with all the implied naivety, maybe even stupidity, yes, this is an attempt to build an Apache CouchDB implementation of yours truly document database in PHP and MySQL. Read again: This is not another PHP library to access CouchDB, it's a variant of CouchDB itself using PHP and MySQL under the hood."


Der Spiegel über Grimms Märchen.

Faszinierend zu lesen, wie aus einer multikulturellen Sammlung von Geschichten rund um Gore, Splatter und die Abgründe der menschlichen Seele ein scheinbar kindertaugliches, moralisch bildendes Stück deutscher Identität wurde.

do not share this article

Instagram (=Facebook) blocks embedding into Twitter. Twitter deprecates RSS. Old School Media Companies don't like search engines to preview snippets of their content.

Seems like this communist hypertext thingy doesn't fit a capitalists wet dream so well after all.

Update: And remember, if you think things can't get worse, there's always room for some intensification: Seems like Twitter doesn't like linking to external sites:

twitter: move along nothing to see here

wow. this is just crazy.

i once had a nice workflow: when reading the twitter stream via mobile (using the actual official twitter client) i often favourited tweets with links. i did that when i wanted to maybe read a longer blog post later or if reception was bad and i couldn't access the link. the favourites where hooked via RSS into google reader. that way i could visit the links later when i was on a desktop.

well, that was over when twitter had the glorious idea to switch off RSS support altogether. great idea guys.

now there exists this nice service called ifttt (if this then that) which uses social media apis and would allow a similar hook. well, seems, not anymore:

"September 27th we will be removing all Twitter Triggers, disabling your ability to push tweets to places like email, Evernote and Facebook." —

what the H E double hockey sticks are they doing?

i actually never thought twitter would become the worse data silo than facebook.

Update: With Google shutting down Reader this posting just eat itself and drowned the sorrow with a bottle of good ol' Single Malt.


"I had all the ideas for Star Wars!"

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