Animated Visualization Draft of the Blogosphere

Visualizing the Blogosphere

Using Rhizome Navigation I wrote a data aggregator for Technorati's API. The first result is a video which visualizes blog domains by analysing Technorati's Cosmos (the blogs which link to a particular URL). The video is a screencast of Rhizome Navigation fetching blog-linking-data continuously. The bigger a blog domain is displayed the more incoming links it has. The more often blogs link to each other the closer they drift at each other. In this case my own page is used as a starting point.

In addition to the video I'm also adding two screenshots. The first screenshot shows the graph with edges enabled and nodes as circles. In the second edges are disabled and nodes are displayed as the domain names of the blogs. In this case around 350 blogs are shown. Both graphs are 3D and you can navigate through them. I'll hope to be able to post an interactive online demo soon.

Update: I'd love to post an online demo, unfortunately both Technorati and Yahoo have request limits when using their API, so it would be rather useless if more/too much people use it. However, I have a solution in mind (for which I need a little bit more time).

Update: Someone submitted this page to digg, maybe you want to digg it too.

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