store data on paper

Polemik-Crescendo: After quotation of an article by about storing digital data on paper by, and the blogosphere is heating up with discussion whether this concept by Sainul Abideen is authentic or a hoax (the picture on arabnews surely was photoshopped, but who does not?).

...I'm now going for dinner and will then continue my rant.

Update: Well, after three days of torching and crakin' and rhymin' and stealin' I'm back. After looking again at the articles mentioned above I come to the conclusion that is the only source which was not trapped by its own ressentiments. IMHO the whole discussion in the comments sections about compression technology is not really to the point and not so relevant here. It's interesting to see that the commentators doubt the credibility of a researcher and a news source partly because of its arab/indian/non-western background.

Update: Wikipedia knows more: Take a look at Rainbow (data storage) and the corresponding discussion.

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