introducing mawih the mail wiki hybrid

With this blog post I'd like you to introduce to mawih. It's a project I've been thinking about and working on for quite some time now. I call it a mail-wiki-hybrid (because it is). What does it do? It merges what both email and wikis can do best: communication and knowledge management.

Basically it's a wiki-based email client. That means you login to mawih with your mail account credentials and if you fetch your new emails they get saved as WikiPages. Your Inbox is RecentChanges. A conversation/thread is represented by PageHistory. To compose and send an email you create a new WikiPage and send it. To reply to an email you edit the received email/page and send it back.

Technically mawih is kind of a wrapper for PhpWiki and IlohaMail's IMAP API.

I'm very excited about this. I'll try to show a demo of mawih at the upcoming Webmontag in Vienna on January 15. And hopefully soon I will release the source code. Let me know what you think about the concept. If you're a developer maybe you want to join the project. It would be great to further develop mawih so it could support different wiki engines as a backend.

Update: Bryan Reinholt released a paper about his project email2wiki.

Tags: email wiki mail mawih hybrid opensource communication knowledge management phpwiki ilohamail imap client webmontag google code web2.0 email2wiki

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