wiki SIMILE timeline mashup

Update: It seems most RSS-Feedreaders do not display the embedded Timeline, so please visit the page itself if you want to try it out.

Hell, how I love this... ;-).

You've probably heard of SIMILE's Timeline. It is like Google Maps for time-based information. Now you might also know that certain Wikis have some Semantic Web features. I thought I'd bring them together. The result is a Wiki-SIMILE-Timeline-Mashup.

Let's look at an example. Within PhpWiki you can define Semantic Relations like here. The information defined in this Wiki Page can be used to create an XML-Feed which SIMILE Timeline can read. Have a look:

The second example takes the blog posts from this very Wiki/Blog and presents them in a timeline. You can click on the buttons to see the blog post's permalinks.

Wonderful. Think of the possibilities.

Tags: wiki SIMILE timeline mashup phpwiki web2.0 semantic web

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